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I have that calendar with the cat photo, Purina maybe? I would have to find it...:)


Just becuase a guy has long must be Michael Bolton right?


This photo crops up on nearly every site and is always labelled as a young Michael Bolton. Wrong!!!!


No idea who he is, but he looks nothing like michael. Perhaps hes an impersonater? Any ideas?


Now, this is defiantely Michael.


Love Jennifer XX

This is a nice one of Michael Jennifer.....thanks!!!



I bet you find yours first Robin 

Kathy and LAFD Bob

I think so Robin Md. Purina was sponsoring animal adoptions or something like that.

Kathy and LAFD Bob

Sylvia, Helena, and anyone else interested:
You were talking about Michael's lovely house and furniture in that pic of him on the couch.  Don't know if these were ever posted on this site before but here are photos of his house.
(He was so nice letting me take all these pics when I last visited him!! LOL!  In my dreams!)

Hi Joy,


You ask me where I get all my information from and YOU produce pictures like that - WOW - they are beautiful and thanks for putting in....I finally can see that firesurround without Michael standing in front of and, I have just go to say, where I agree totally with Ivana's sentiment that money cannot buy you happiness but, that the trappings that wealth can give you are in some way "wrong", I have to disagree with and, to say, that I am delighted that Michael and his family have a home, such as that, that they can live in and share and feelings are based on the fact that Michael was not born with a "silver spoon in his mouth" and over the years, certainly knew what it was to fight for survival, but he kept true to himself and his dream, which, if he had not, we would not be in the priviledged position we find ourselves now of being able to listen to such a wonderful voice and, therefore, in him being able to afford a luxurious way of living, I believe, HE has well earned !!!


Joy, on my acquisition of information, there is a wee, wee place called Facebook and in that wee, wee place one can be friends with ................................................... !!!!!!!  :D


Sylvia.   Your wee Scottish friend.

Hi Sylvia,

Glad you like the pictures!  When Michael's house was up for sale after he was to move in with Nicolette , it was listed with a broker and all the photos were online.  So I saved them to my computer. 

You said it just right,MB was a struggling musician for years and certainly deserves everything he has now.  He worked hard for it.  No, "things" can't make you happy but if you have money nothing wrong with living the good life! 



Hi...yes what a road trip that would have been for us all! 



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